Product Plus

Allow for the widest choice of possibilities among several operative and executive, very different proposals: this is our aim. Whichever style you will chose, you will always get best performances and excellent comfort, functionality, practicality and personalized compositions.

Design and Technology

Our planning department imagines you at work and draws shapes and volumes around yourself; furnishings that seem thought specially for your needs, different in style and character but sharing advanced productive technologies.

Wide range and modularity

Endless composition possibilities thanks to the modular concept of the project. This is the basis of a high flexibility that makes our furnishings perfect for each space and working environment.

Wellness, ergonomics and functionality

Several hours of comfort are good for body and soul. According to high ergonomic standards and your personal concept of wellness. So that anybody can build a functional space.

Quality, ecology and reliability

Only on quality we can build a relationship of trust with you. And you can trust our furnishing systems: they are stable, durable, studied in detail, generous in performance and reassuring in answers.

Simplicity. Easy to assemble and to install

When choosing an office furnishing what counts is adaptability: all our office structures are easy to assemble and owe a good environmental adaptability to allow time and installation cost savings.

Certainty. Prompt delivery

Nice, durable furniture and furnishings and, additionally, always available. 30.000 m2 of stock, constantly replenished to accommodate your needs and follow up your orders with prompt deliveries. This is our style.