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Service design. This is what we are, first and foremost. Experts in the office furniture industry. And innovators. Partners more so than suppliers. We contribute to our customers’ projects, providing before- and after-sales services and continuous training. We strive to make our customers happy, because happiness goes well beyond satisfaction. We are a service company that responds to every creative idea with a just-intime strategy and fast, reliable logistics. We work alongside architects and designers to offer a flexible, dynamic service tailored to the customer and the project. We think and act “green”, continuously building on our certifications. DVO is this, above all. A partner able to interpret the market and understand its evolution. To give the right answers before desires become needs.

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DVO S.R.L.: "Service Design." 
We are first and foremost! To provide the right answers before they become needs.

The company, founded in 1990 in Friuli, offers a wide catalog of operational, executive and home office furniture together with walls and various complements to which is added the possibility of creating customized products according to the needs of the project. Just the width of the range, the research of design and the possibility of customization, together with the customer service and in particular the speed of delivery, have been the starting point for the fast growth of the company, which today distributes in over 100 countries.
In April 2018 DVO inaugurated an exhibition space in the center of Milan, the "Learning+Innovation Center", not a simple exhibition showroom, but as its name declares, a place to also host numerous in-depth courses, workshops and exhibitions. In February 2019, another important milestone for the company is added with the opening of a large single-brand space in Mexico City while 2020 marks the total renovation of the "in house showroom", about 800 square meters set up with all the best collections of the company.

Certifications deserve a separate chapter. DVO, in fact, pays particular attention to European standards on safety, product reliability and the environment. All raw materials are of European origin and production takes place entirely in Europe. All products are tested at authorized laboratories, thus guaranteeing the highest quality of all elements. Numerous are the certifications obtained by the company: UNI EN ISO 9001, the environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001, health and safety at work with UNI ISO 45001, EMAS, CAM-Italy, CARB PHASE2, FSC® for products derived from forests, the SA 8000 aimed at certifying some aspects of business management related to corporate social responsibility, GREENGUARD which "measures" the emission of about 400 harmful substances on each manufactured product, the AEO which certifies the position of reliability of a particular subject towards the customs authorities and SEAQUAL (Registration for the support to the policies of plastic recovery from the seas).

In December 2021, DVO obtains LEED CERTIFICATION and in October 2022 the WELL Building Standard®- V2 protocol: both for Furniture Systems and Internal Partition Systems.

In July 2023 DVO obtains ISO 37001:2016 CERTIFICATION of its management system for the prevention of corruption. A concrete commitment to fight corruption.

Other important milestones that consolidate DVO at the top of the international scene.  



Explore our showroom at 360°. Immerse yourself in this "Virtual Tour" to discover all the DVO collections in our HQ.  

1,333 steps to enter the world of DVO. Our corporate showroom. The space where you can see our collections. Service design also means being able to touch the products. Seeing the collections live and leaving to the imagination only the dimension of the creative project. This is why we have dedicated such a large space to the display of the collections. The showroom is our living room. The perfect place to talk about new projects.

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The company has always paid particular attention to the European Standards regarding safety and reliability of the product. For this reason all the catalogue’s products are tested by special laboratories, guaranteeing the quality to the customers.

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DVO is primarily a team: we believe in people, the driving force of the company. “a lifeful place for smartful moods”: we work in a creative and dynamic environment made up of ideas, research, and continuous innovation. Because designing everyday solutions means above all living the office firsthand. Transforming it into an experience. Being inspired by needs and intuitions, day by day, project by project. We believe in teamwork, in collaboration. We see human relations as an essential resource. And a driver of continuous growth. Communication allows us to be a service company able to provide fast, competent, flexible responses. At the service of architects and designers. At the service of people to design functional and innovative work environments.

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DVO pays special attention to fulfilling circular economy criteria during the design stages in order to mitigate impacts on the environment and to maximise product durability.

The design and manufacture of the individual components allows the use of dry-fit joints with suitable standardised hardware and the use of commercially available tools that can also be used by general maintenance engineers. Products are guaranteed 8 years from the invoice date and spare parts are available 10 years. Electrical components are guaranteed for 2 years, with spare parts available for 5 years from the invoice date.

All products are designed and manufactured with components that can be replaced with the same original or, if equivalent, with the same functional characteristics, durability and quality. Desks intended for office use are in "fact" working tools and as such are handled by trained and qualified personnel. The company has online product information, including assembly/disassembly sheets for:

- replacement of damaged parts 
- replacement of worn parts or components

The products consist of suitable components assembled together from raw materials designed to maximise reuse or recycling.The necessary information on the individual collections is available on the company's website, including assembly/disassembly sheets to facilitate operations:
- replacement of damaged parts 
- replacement of worn parts or components

The same sheets include a list of useful tools for working in reverse assembly and disassembly operations.

Product information for the user and re-logistic:
All product informations are available on the company website by clicking on the specific product.

Information on products on the market:
All product-related and user- or market-related informations are available on the company website.

Activities for Product Life Cycle Extension:

The company with its direct customer care service or through sales outlets in the territory, evaluates customer or user requests to implement policies aimed at the availability for 10 years of replaceable components with the same ones that guarantee the same functional and aesthetic quality.



A determined architecture with rigorous but simple lines defines this emotional exhibition space within the company premises area. The project is built on a “showcase” concept, conceived for the exhibition and promotion of our current products. It is a completely transparent “no-weight architecture”, as a case suspended between sky and earth. Its covering looks like a floating element over the glass walls. 

The pavilion has a single solid wall covered by aluminium panels, represented by a structural septum that contains technological systems. At the same time, it works as a wing for the exhibit inside. Neutral and plain surfaces of the aluminium panels underline the object’s inside specificity. Lighting project presents two kinds of lamps: one to underline the pavilion shape, one to give emphasis our products.

Arch. Franco Driusso
DriussoAssociati | Architects



Large, bright, with a clean and rigorous style is our DVO FlagShip in Via Maroncelli 5 (Brera Design District). Not just an exhibition showroom but a place designed to organize in-depth courses, workshops and exhibitions as its name states. The area of 260 square meters, developed essentially in a longitudinal way, is outlined by the presence of semi-transparent sheets that act both as scenes and screens for video projection.

The deliberate formal and clean look of the space is confirmed by the choice of the resin floor, strictly white as the walls: a whole that wraps up DVO products in a refined way. The large windows overlooking Via Maroncelli and the large interior windows of the showroom, which unexpectedly open onto a charming courtyard in typical Milanese style, let a bright and strong light enter in the DVO space.

Via Pietro Maroncelli, 5
20154 Milano (MI) - Italy
T: +39 02 4952489



  • Product Plus
  • Design and Technology
  • Wide range and modularity
  • Wellness, ergonomics and functionality
  • Simplicity. Easy to assemble and to install
  • Simplicity, easy to assemble and to install
  • Certainty, prompt delivery

Allow for the widest choice of possibilities among several operative and executive, very different proposals: this is our aim. Whichever style you will chose, you will always get best performances and excellent comfort, functionality, practicality and personalized compositions.

Our planning department imagines you at work and draws shapes and volumes around yourself; furnishings that seem thought specially for your needs, different in style and character but sharing advanced productive technologies.

Our planning department imagines you at work and draws shapes and volumes around yourself; furnishings that seem thought specially for your needs, different in style and character but sharing advanced productive technologies.

Several hours of comfort are good for body and soul. According to high ergonomic standards and your personal concept of wellness. So that anybody can build a functional space.

Only on quality we can build a relationship of trust with you. And you can trust our furnishing systems: they are stable, durable, studied in detail, generous in performance and reassuring in answers.

When choosing an office furnishing what counts is adaptability: all our office structures are easy to assemble and owe a good environmental adaptability to allow time and installation cost savings.

Nice, durable furniture and furnishings and, additionally, always available. 30.000 m2 of stock, constantly replenished to accommodate your needs and follow up your orders with prompt deliveries. This is our style.

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Products that speak Italian, but which travel the world. We have an international vocation and our goal is to keep growing on a global scale. With a design tailored to everyday life, and services tailored to the customer. We work alongside architects and designers to meet the needs of every single project. Because our collections are the sum of design, functionality, and quality. And that’s not all. Design company means above all design flexibility, fast responses and deliveries, and continuous training. Internally, but above all for the customer.

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Our goal to develop more functional, ergonomic and exceptional office furnishing systems that optimize any space, and provides a natural work environment elevates that standards of research in office-spaces design, and leads to the creation of new shapes and solutions that result in huge visual impressions with minimal environmental impact, which are nonconforming. To be imitated.

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