Our goal to develop more functional, ergonomic and exceptional office furnishing systems that optimize any space, and provides a natural work environment elevates that standards of research in office-spaces design, and leads to the creation of new shapes and solutions that result in huge visual impressions with minimal environmental impact, which are nonconforming. To be imitated.


Gary & Baldo Designed by Antonio Morello

This desk and lap top bench were inspired by the animal kingdom. The name and the color choice presented to the Salone Ufficio 2011 are a tribute to the celebrations of 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.


Neroli Designed by Antonio Morello

Neroli, is a free standing system of desks inspired by a vase of flowes. It is designed to arouse an emotional bond between man and nature.


Birba Designed by Antonio Morello

The Birba, a suitcase that transforms into a desk on wheels, complete with a screen, worktop, and an electrical wire connection.


Pop Family Designed by Antonio Morello

The “Pop Family” is an ironic and joyful furniture collection inspired by bird shapes. It includes: Pop Both, Pop-Desk, Pop-sit, Pop Bench and Pop-Lamp.


POP-Desk Designed by Antonio Morello

POP Desk Piccolo is a writing desk with lamp designed to address home-office situations. Its humorous design represents a “bird in a resting position”. The body appears wrapped up, thus creating a con􀃀dential space where a worktop is housed. The wire access is available, on its sides two pockets allow for storage, whilst a LED light is located in the head of the bird (on its beak). POP-Sit is a hassock designed to look like a shelled egg. It can be positioned under the desk.


POP-Bench Designed by Antonio Morello

POP Bench Panca, is a seating-bench lounge designed for waiting areas. It represents “birds sitting on a branch or a log”. The tree branch-log has a seating function and the birds serve as seat backs. The heads can be lowered by pulling the beak in order to create more visual privacy.