ADP design

The product offered to the market, understood as a physical object with formal and functional characteristics, is the basis of being a company and a minimum, necessary, but not sufficient condition.If the “product” does not respond to the real needs of the customer or to the needs of easy reproducibility or to an attractive design or to the right market price or to its correct presentation, quick retrieval, ease of use or assembly, … etc. the “product”, in addition to not being a sufficient condition, becomes a condition of evident competitive disadvantage.It is on this platform that the ADPdesign studio has been operating for more than 20 years, offering various services to companies in the world of design in favor of their success. Creativity, innovation, sustainability, critical thinking and a lot of pragmatism are the salient features of our work which is expressed by combining on the one hand the characteristics of the company, understood as skills and competences, on the other the desires of the ideal customer with his expectations and needs.

Alessandro Dalla Pozza (founder of ADPdesign Studio)