One foot at home and the other at the same time in the office.

In DVO we have designed furnishings and systems that allow us to meet our needs by conceiving the workspace in a smart way in any environment: from the living room to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the studio or, why not, in open spaces or corporate spaces all to be reconsidered.

Living, smart solutions, safety, sustainability, resimercial design are just some of the keywords that recap the proposals within this catalogue where products design environments. The combination of materials, colours and finishes creates transversal stylistic languages ​​able to adapt to the most different contexts and interior design styles, bringing new features and a renewed appeal to our homes and offices.

In this sense DVO Home Smart Office is a container of products and projects that represents a possible response to the spirit of the time made of solutions that break down architectural barriers allowing us to give our best alongside what we love most .... always!

Illustrations: Antonio Morello

The catalog can be downloaded at the following link: