22202-DVO-TST-AMB01-01-co-v Concept copia



The concept starts from the new role of the office and its more fluid nature in which functions and the centrality of the person become the most important factors in product choice and project development.

Green: a word that not only defines the world of plants, but also represents one of DVO's core concepts. The natural element of green, in its infinite variations, punctuates the narrative of the Workstations catalogue.

Through the images of the new catalogue, DVO chooses the themes of sustainability and nature to interpret the Workstations collections in terms of originality and inspiration for the designer.

The strength and reliability of DVO in environmental and product certification is also confirmed in the visual narrative and content of the Workstations catalogue. Two editions: one more prestigious and richer in images, and a second 'smarter' entitled 'Overview'.

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