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OLMEET - 19/03/2024


On 19 March 2024 in Milan, DVO was among the protagonists of the OLMeet-OfficeLayout Meeting 2024, organised by soiel with the theme: 'Words, images and suggestions for the office of the future'. 
A constructive dialogue between the main players in the sector, aimed at exploring the new corporate culture and the human-centred workplace of the future.

Giuseppe Bincoletto - Sales and Marketing Director DVO and Giuseppe Sartore - Product Certification Expert, introduced the new 'Office Alphabet'.
A scenario of a new corporate culture, for an inclusive, social and sustainable living and working space. A new way of understanding the centrality of the human being, guided by approaches and methodologies that broaden the objectives for the psycho-physical wellbeing of the person, redefine the thematic areas of design, contribute to increasing the value of the work environment and, through the selection of tested and certified products, promote a sustainable and indissoluble design for the future Workplace