Gruppo Mediaset

Cologno Monzese, Milano - Italy

The Mediaset Group, in collaboration with the architecture firm Il Prisma and DVO, launched a 3-floor pilot project for the construction and experimentation of new spaces. The key levers on which the entire project rested were the creation of spaces for casual collaboration, sociability and reinforcement of the sense of belonging to the company, despite the hybrid work model. This was translated into offices with unassigned workstations, rooms and spaces that can be reconfigured, meeting rooms that can be booked and are available to all employees with equipment for collaboration, spaces for informal sharing and socialising, as well as areas for small meetings or those for individual work, all of which are united by light and acoustic comfort. For this project, DVO was entrusted with the global supply of all interior partitions, the operational furniture - for which the Entity collection was chosen, Rym meeting tables and Kyn metal bookcases, both modular, as well as cabinets and lockers, and custom furniture. For the informal meet areas, curved single-glazed walls were designed to ensure acoustic and visual comfort inside. To ensure the same quiet and privacy, upholstery fabrics and acoustic materials were chosen for the niches dedicated to short meetings.

Project by Il Prisma