DVO S.R.L. is a company recognized for its strong environmental sensitivity and for having achieved numerous and important company and product certifications in recent years, many of which are in line with the new green standards of the market, at an international level. The installation in the showroom focuses on the idea of ‘returning to nature’, with the intention of engaging the guests in a unique and evocative atmosphere capable of expressing the meaning and value of freedom, of openness to work and life inside and outside the office. At the centre of the project, the table/desk element in all its variations is what defines the workplace; in any context a desk is placed, that space immediately becomes a productive, reflective, creative, sharing place. Last year’s pandemic experience has shown the entire world that work and study can be done anywhere, in any situation, potentially generating new ideas and perspectives and even a new motivating push. Furthermore, the limitations caused by the pandemic have made us understand how fundamental it is, for the balance of the human being, life outside, staying in spaces in which the relationship with others and the well-being given by nature are at the centre of our daily reality.

After months of closure, we have decided to focus on openness.

We have chosen to invent a setting in which daily work frees itself from its clichés and crosses over into a large, green yet urban, practical yet fun space. The desk is a co-protagonist of nature; from our privileged position, we are the ones looking from the outside to the inside of windows that are often all the same, through which we have often dreamed of escaping. The urban context becomes a backdrop, a frame within which the scene of our daily activity develops. A tree can be both an oasis of shade where we can find relief, and a support for a lighting element that helps us work better; it can be the support for the swing that becomes the ideal chair in this special context of ours, in which work and leisure find their perfect balance.   The different forms of the office are all recognizable: the single and executive workstations, identified by the respective tree of reference; the break areas, where the coffee tables of the coffee area become game surfaces; the operative open space, where exchange and sharing characterize both work and breaks; the desks, once again, create the work space in an urban park in which the chair becomes secondary – it can be recovered, recycled, readapted. The impactful and theatrical installation chosen for this particular FuoriSalone 2021 is part of a path of ‘green thinking’ and protection of resources that our company has been treading for years also through green choices such as our production facility’s photovoltaic system capable of producing enough energy to carry out all our activities independently. In addition to COemissions, we pay great attention to VOC emissions, i.e. Volatile Organic Compounds; a constant monitoring in the laboratory of the wood-based panels that make up our furnishings has allowed us to obtain the important GREENGUARD certification, which certifies the very low emission of compounds deriving from wood processing, especially from glues and paints. Furthermore, our panels have formaldehyde emission values ​​that are 7 times lower than the limit threshold defined by the Minimum Environmental Criteria. Wood, the quintessential representative element of nature, protagonist of urban parks and constituent element of the production chain, necessarily becomes our most monitored element; DVO SRL participates in the chain of custody for the correct management and traceability of forests according to the principles of FSC, Forest Stewardship Council. Wood recycling is one of our cornerstones; wood that can no longer be processed is subsequently transformed into biomass for the production of electricity, significantly reducing the level of CO2 emissions.

“Back to nature, look at the future”, a project and a strong message from DVO to guide every human action towards a more conscious relationship with our ecosystem; the work itself and its habitat– the office–has the task of pursuing the objectives and policies of safeguard and protection of resources and reduction of waste, to set an example in every other aspect of daily life.