800_dvo_certificati-Fb Certificazioni Leed



The certification systems for sustainable buildings evaluate buildings according to social, ecological and economic criteria and in the overall assessment the building materials used in the building are used, including furniture and internal partitions.

DVO has been operating in the office furniture sector since 1990 and is characterized by: offering "Quality products" - "Delivery speed" - "Pre and post sales service" - "Project development".

December 2021: DVO obtained the LEED® CERTIFICATION for furnishing systems and interior partitions.

“The market says that a LEED ® building has a higher real estate value!”

DVO can immediately contribute with Office Furniture and Wall Partitions to the LEED® Credits v 4.1 NC for buildings designed GREEN!

- (MR) Materials and Resources. In this area, environmental issues related to the selection of materials, the reduction of the use of virgin materials, the disposal of waste and the reduction of the environmental impact due to transport are taken into consideration.

- (EQ) Internal environmental quality. This section addresses environmental concerns related to the “Quality air Indoor”, which relate to healthiness, safety and comfort, energy consumption, air change effectiveness and air contamination control.