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967arch interprets space and designs for DVO's new hybrid office

Intercepting the new hybrid identity of workspaces, as well as living spaces, has always been a priority for DVO, which has rethought the organisation and evolution of working environments, identifying them as spaces for relationships and collaboration.

The design harmony between the two organisations immediately led to the Milan-based studio's involvement in revisiting DVO's exhibition space in the heart of Milan. This is the physical translation of a common aesthetic and conceptual approach that contemplates a more open perception of the office world, embracing other fields such as scenography, art and communication as well as design, of course. Connections and relations with other worlds, rather than contamination. Sharing complementary experiences aimed at a more open perception of the office environment, a physical place of relations, interaction and culture of doing.

967arch, which has always been attentive to the project as a place of suggestion as well as a physical and aesthetic one, offers in this context its twenty years of experience matured in the field of design and architecture, in the office, hospitality and retail sectors.

Special TKS to: @emanuele.giannelli